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Life Sucks!   
05:31pm 06/12/2005
mood: infuriated
What a wonderful day it has been. start it off with a flat tire, go to my first job, it sucks, i'm stuck late and am late for my second job. at my second job i am involved in a freak accident at no fault of anything that i did (yet i am still the one to be held responsible) and almost killed somebody, so i don't imagine i will even have a job there anymore. come home to the nonstop whining of kids who are sick and refuse to sleep only to find out that lovely unexpected bill in the mail. granted things have been going pretty good for a while now, this has been one of those days that makes you wonder how much you can take before you just snap. hell if i'm gonna end up killing somebody i'd like to at least pick who it is!
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07:00pm 05/10/2005
  Man has it been a crazy month. The whole family has been adjusting to the new baby and the new work schedule, which hasn't been as easy as I'd hoped. We're getting along though. Good news is I found another new job already that will pay a lot better. So that's nice. I should probably go ahead and get some sleep here while I've got a little bit of a chance. will update more later.....  
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Mile Stone   
03:36pm 04/09/2005
mood: excited
This morning My wife Sarah and I had our second child, our first boy. Both are healthy and doing quite well. He weighed in right at 8 pounds. Talk about an exciting day. It was quite an interesting morning too. My wife woke up about 5 am to her water breaking, and contractions starting. They progressed very quickly and about 8:15 we decided to go to the hospital. We got into the room at 8:30 and by 8:37 he was born. 2 big pushes and he was out. The nurse had to make the delivery, since the doctor had not even made it down to the room yet. This was quite a relief since our first daughter was a 24 hour labor. I'll probably post a pick or two soon.
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09:33pm 02/09/2005
mood: relieved
Got all the testing done and over with today. quite a relief, glad to have put that behind me.
An old CD Becomes new   
05:44pm 29/08/2005
mood: good
I got my new copy of the Beer Nuts compilation in the mail today, and fully remembered why i used to like this comp so much. It's a great nostalgic mix of some great punk and ska bands. check it out if you get the chance.
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08:04am 27/08/2005
mood: happy
It is good to be home. the obscure familiarity that is my life once again, comforting to be familiar. Things are good.
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Just another day   
04:33pm 24/08/2005
mood: content
Just one more full day tomorrow, then about a half day on friday, and i'll be headed back to good old Avon. After being away for a while I have to admit I kind of miss the place. It will be good to get back to friends and family. There's something about sleeping in your own bed that just makes that much more of a difference. Even though I've actually had more time to sleep while i'm out here than i'm used to it hasn't felt like it. been pretty restless really. between having a lot on my mind and a lot to learn i've stayed very busy though. When I get back i'm gonna have to be on my toes for the new baby too, since he is due 9-16. Could be any time now really, and that will really change things again for us. We have already picked out a name for him: William David Pichon. Two kids is plenty as far as I'm concerned, but I guess we'll see what happens..... for now, just trying to relax a little tonight, and get myself through the end of the week.
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Talk about boring.....   
09:42am 21/08/2005
mood: bored
Do you ever have one of those days where you don't actually have anything you have to do. You can even sleep in if you want, as late as you want. but somehow you wake up at 7 in the morning anyway and can't get back to sleep for anything. Then naturally you get increadibly bored as on a sunday morning there isn't anything to do even if you wanted to. this sucks! I guess i'll play guitar for a bit to see if that helps any.
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Humor Test   
11:00pm 19/08/2005
mood: silly
I found this and have to admit i found it quite amusing

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Weekend Blues   
04:45pm 19/08/2005
mood: mellow
Out of town for the weekend with all the time i need to go out and have a good time. but the weather is fiercly nasty outside. kind of sucks. It will be alright though, gonna have to force myself to just relax a little i guess. Something that i find hard to do anymore. Do you ever have that feeling in the back of your mind when you start to relax that there is something that you should be doing but you cannot think of what it is? It seems like that is how i feel all of the time lately. So restless that it becomes hard to enjoy life. So instead you just waste the time that you do have. That I have. That I need to enjoy. Talking to yourself in circles is becoming theraputic. At any rate, I made it through the end of the second week of my training out here in Kansas City. That was a bit of relief when we got todays tests out of the way. So that leaves one more week to work through. Then back home to go back to real work. yippee!
Getting started   
06:22pm 18/08/2005
mood: tired
In Kansas City for training with work. Been a long day and I am pretty worn out. Gonna try to find something to eat and get some sleep. Not too much else on my mind. I have been trying to block out the ugly reality of how quickly I will have to make things happen when I get back from this trip. I have been talking to old friends, reminders of days gone by. Looking forward to a new future. This is my first entry, stay tuned for more....
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